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Bus signage and Decal collection

A significant part of our collection at “Echuca Tramway Bus” is the Bus signage and Decal collection. The collection was commenced in 1986 as a young kid, living in Melbourne, when the first Bus Signs and Decals (Sticky Paper Notices) were obtained from Ventura Bus Lines in Oakleigh South. The first signs obtained were from the Metropolitan Transit – Tram and Bus Division. It was pointed out that other decals needed to be bought by the company, and where to obtain samples. A visit to Bus Sales led to further additions to the collection. Then came visits to Preston and Northcote workshops in Melbourne, where we obtained samples of some then-current tram and bus signage. Visits to Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide saw some signage from those government operators added. A visit to BCA NSW led to signs from NSW Private Buses added to the collection. The signage collection is supplemented by interesting “general” stickers, including ones with relevant messages about Seat Belts, given we propose to operated seat belt fitted minibuses.

The Sydney collection is of the “Friendly Grey on Yellow” type of decal, introduced around the 2000 Olympics on Sydney Buses, but it was short lived usage. These signs were replaced with signage of the “old” type again for the last years of Sydney Government Buses.

The collection is by no means “extensive”, but just a sample of some signage from the cities in use at that time. Samples from the collection will be added to this page as they are progressively scanned in to digital format.

In most cases, the proposed usage of the signage and decals is to make re-productions from them for usage on our vehicles. Original copies will not be used, but retained in the collection.

Some surplus “duplicates” were recently shared with the Sydney Tramway Museum, and are now in use, and on display in Z2 Tram 111. No further “withdrawals” from the collection will be permitted or considered.