Welcome to Echuca South Depot!

Welcome to Echuca Tramway Bus & Echuca South Depot!…. This concept is under development, and will be fleshed out here as it develops……

Concept under development………
Celebrating Tramway Traditions and Practices of the early 1990s!

Echuca South Depot Run Number 7 – (ES 7)
“Echuca Tramway Bus” is a proposed bus in Echuca/Moama, on the Victoria/NSW Border. The concept is being worked on, and will be fleshed out here as it progresses. At this stage, it is unlikely to be a service offered to the public, owing to not having any financial resources to get a vehicle of a suitable age for public service use.

The proposed bus would be a mini-bus of either 8 or 12 seats.

This concept is proposed by and operated by Michael Costello, who was a Melbourne Tram Conductor at South Melbourne Depot between 1993 and 1995. We therefore celebrate the tramway traditions and practices of the early 1990s, during “The Met” and PTC era. The proposed livery of the buses is “Met” Green and Yellow.
A “future vision” for Echuca Tramway Bus – The Tarago in “Met” Green and Yellow……..

A new name for the VideBus Bus Operations………

“Echuca Tramway Bus” is the new name for the proposed VideBus bus operation. This site will focus on these aspects of our proposed bus operations, and the relevant collections, as opposed to our Video Production side of our operations. That is covered on our VideBus site.

This website is very much a “work in progress”, and will be added to as time permits. …….

Past proposals and operations.

In the past, VideBus was based in South Blackburn in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, and our proposed service was the “Bylands Shuttle” to the Bylands Tramway Heritage Centre. Since we have moved to Echuca, this proposal is no longer practical to pursue. A new proposal is needed for future years, and this will grow on this site as it develops.